Why hello there :)

Welcome to my first ever blog.  I realize I am a bit late to this party–so bear with my while I figure out this brand new form of creative expression.  I am a dancer, a reader, a student, and a teacher (not to mention a list maker, coffee fanatic, and a chap-stick addict).  Here is what I hope for this blog to be:

1. A forum to discuss empowerment, art, science, and literacy.

2. An opportunity to share dance tips.

3. A helpful tool for finding accessible art in greater Cincinnati.

Hhhmm reflecting back on this list makes me think I’m a bit stodgy and academic.  While I do love learning, I mostly like to learn by my making mistakes.  Then laughing at myself.  And finally forgiving myself and moving on.

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Starting with # 3.  A tight budget has motivated me to find the best deals possible.  I love to experience art, but it can sometimes feel like a really expensive hobby.  Ticket costs, garage fees, and an evening off of work can make it a challenge to get THE ART.  **Side note, I could argue that ART is everywhere, but that soapbox moment will be saved for a later date.**  About ten years ago I discovered that I could simply earn free tickets to events.  Many local artists are willing to trade tickets for volunteer work.  In the past few years I have been able to see a show at least once a month for free because of this very trade.  Some performance venues allow volunteer ushers to see the show for free.  Others will give you free tickets if you help post flyers or label postcards.  As these opportunities come up I promise to share them with you!

2.  I love to dance.  I was incredibly lucky to get introduced to dance at a young age.  However, I realize that trying a new hobby as an adult, especially one that asks you to use your body as a tool, can be really scary. My very first dance teacher told me that a dancer is an artist, a technician, and an athlete. This is a fantastic definition because it makes dance less mysterious and more accessible.  I’m not going to tell you how to be an artist, that’s your journey.  What I can do is share some helpful tips for being a proficient technician and athlete.

Leaving the best for last, my number one hope for this blog is to discuss the ways that art can help to empower us as individuals and communities, how science and art serve each other, and the ways in which art can be a vehicle to teach compassion, academia (math, chemistry, and physics, oh my!), and self-care. A friend recently nicknamed me librarina because I am a librarian and a ballerina.  This “title” may have to go on my business cards. In any case I believe that art and education should be accessible to everyone.



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