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When I was ten years old I got it in my head that I wanted to be a professional dancer.  I talked to my dance teacher, read dance magazines, and discovered the best way to make this dream a reality was to dance as much as possible.  Great!  I love dancing!  I will happily fill my days, evenings, and weekends with dance.  I decided to ask my parents if I could go from dancing one night a week to four nights a week.  We looked at the costs involved and my parents made me a deal.  They would pay for one class a week.  Any additional classes I wanted to take I would have to pay for.  Then they made a brilliant suggestion.  Talk to your dance teacher and see if you can volunteer in exchange for classes.  I did and a beautiful, symbiotic relationship was born!

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As a teen I volunteered at my dance studio in exchange for classes.  It is hard to say who benefited most from this relationship.  I earned free classes and learned how to be a dance teacher and the studio got a front desk worker, substitute teacher, costume assistant, and proud ambassador of the dance studio.  As I got older I parlayed this concept into other venues.  I traded out babysitting for private dance lessons.  I ushered in exchange for concert tickets.  The list literally goes on and on.

Here are just a few things I learned:

Volunteering is the best deal ever!

It feels good to earn something

Helping others feels fantastic

My time is valuable, therefore I am valuable

A little bit of effort can yield huge results

Goals are in fact attainable and others can help you meet them

Volunteering allows me to meet cool, smart people who enjoy the same things I do (like art and nature)

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Check out a few volunteer-exchange opportunities in Cincinnati:













Here is a fantastic freebie:

Do you have a foam roller?  Not sure how to use it?  There is a free demo/class all you need to do is register:



Happy (volunteering) Dancing!

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