Success is not falling over, maybe.

Some of my favorite classes to teach are my adult ballet classes.  I love the sense of community and friendship.  Most of the dancers fall into two categories: never danced, but it’s on their bucket list or danced when they were in elementary school, but never since.

First and foremost–big round of applause to everyone.  You have to be really brave to try something new!  I have always wanted to try mountain climbing, but I’m too nervous to give it a try so kudos to you!

We put so much pressure on ourselves to succeed in every way possible that it is easy to lose sight of the fact that trying something with an open mind can lead to all kinds of fun!

Often times I hear myself saying “success is not falling over” and because I am a master klutz this is most often my mantra.

As a modern dancer I  am all about falling over.  So it’s not that falling over is bad, it just means that for a each situation there are different standards for success. In Ballet-success is not falling over.  This simple reminder seems to put all of my students at ease–which is great!  Except for that one time I fell down the stairs right before class.  Major FAIL.

So what did I learn from falling over?  Well my dignity can get bruised, even if my body doesn’t.  Falling is a great reminder that I can’t do everything all the time, even something that I can usually do with great success, like walking.  It also makes me remember how amazing our bodies are.  Neurons fire in our brain and they send all kinds of amazing messages–remember to breathe, circulate blood through our bodies, don’t forget to pick up milk at the grocery store, and most importantly, where is my chocolate?

With that in mind, it is easy to be impressed with a seemingly simple accomplishment because we are again reminded that nothing is really so simple. By just standing at the ballet barre attempting to do a plie you have succeeded.  You learned how to wriggle your body into a new position and that is fantastic. You have prioritized doing something new and then you did it!

Hhmmm now that I really think about it, maybe success is just showing up, but don’t forget, a lot can be learned from falling.


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